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プリペイド携帯電話 基本使用料無料。継続利用もかんたん。

Prepaid Phones


Prepaid phone are available at our counters in airports.



3G Prepaid phone features

No basic fees

With absolutely no monthly fees, you need not worry about unexpected Voice Call fees.

* Voice Call rate is prepaid so you will not receive billing statements.

Unlimited mail

Sign up for Unlimited Mail for unlimited use of S! Mail MMS) and SMS services. 30 days costs only ¥309.

* The amount shown include consumption tax.

Continuous usage made Easy

Purchase additional cards to keep the same phone number.

International Calling service

Use SoftBank International Call Service and Video Call. No application required.

Pre-mobile customers who sign up from April 4, 2012, will be liable for a cancellation fee of ¥10,260 (tax inclusive) if they cancel their service contract within one year to the day of having signed it (including MNP port-out).



■ SoftBank 301Z

■ SoftBank 105SH

■ SoftBank 101P

■ SoftBank 107SH

Depending on the stock situation, we may need to substitute a different, equivalent phone. We thank you for your understanding.

Purchasing Procedures

Passport is required at application. Bring original documents; copies will not be accepted.


Visit SoftBank Corp. website for more information.


Purchase 3G Prepaid Service compatible standard handsets at our counters in airports.


Prepaid Cards

Available two types of Prepaid cards.




Call Rates ¥9.27 / 6 sec.
Video Call ¥16.47 / 6 sec.


With absolutely no monthly fees, incoming calls and receiving SMS are free.


Visit SoftBank Corp. website for more information.

Unlimited Mail

Unlimited messaging for up to 30 days


  • Exchange short text messages with SoftBank handsets.
  • Unlimited Mail service renews automatically. You must apply to cancel it.


Visit SoftBank Corp. website for more information.

Account & Phone Number Terms

Two important SoftBank Prepaid service terms.


1. Account usage period: Receive or make calls while balance remains.

2. Phone number usage period: Receive calls while phone number remains valid.



Visit SoftBank Corp. website for more information.