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Reasonable rates, plus free itemized bill showing all call and data charges.

Rental Fee and Insurance Fee

  Local Mobile Phone iPhone SIM
Smartphone Mobile Wi-Fi Router
Rental Fee Online Order: ¥ 260/day
Other: ¥ 540/day
¥ 110/day Online Order: ¥ 210/day
Other: ¥ 540/day
¥ 970/day
Standard: ¥ 220/day
Premium: ¥ 440/day
- Standard: ¥ 220/day Standard: ¥ 220/day
Administration fee ¥ 315/contract
  • Minimum rental fee is 3 days.
  • All rates include 8% consumption tax. (International calls are not subject to consumption tax.)
  • An administration fee of 315yen per rental contract applies.

Damages for Loss, Theft, or Damage to the Items

Local Mobile Phone iPhone SIM
Mobile Wi-Fi Router
Item Premium Insurance Standard Insurance Not Insured - -
Mobile Device ¥ 3,240 ¥ 21,600 ¥ 43,200 -
Single SIM card ¥ 0 ¥ 5,400 ¥ 3,240
Single Battery ¥ 0 ¥ 6,480 -
Carry case / SIM Card case ¥ 0 ¥ 3,240 ¥ 540
Battery charger ¥ 0 ¥ 2,160 -
* Insurance shall not cover loss by water damage or by any unauthorized modification of the handset by customer.

Communications Charges

Communications Charges ( Local mobile phone rental / Smartphone rental / iPhone SIM card rental / 3G SIM card rental / )
Voice Calls
Including toll free numbers
Local calls ¥ 110 / min.
International Rate table(PDF)
Incoming calls FREE
SMS Sending ¥ 15 / message
Receiving FREE
International SMS (Global SMS) Sending ¥ 150 / message
Receiving FREE
S! Mail (MMS) 1packet (128byte)
International S! Mail (Global MMS) up to 1.5KB (Outgoing) ¥ 165
up to 10KB (Outgoing) ¥ 173
up to 30KB (Outgoing) ¥ 216
up to 100KB (Outgoing) ¥ 480
up to 300KB (Outgoing) ¥ 640
1packet (128byte)
¥ 0.32
Web 1packet (128byte) ¥ 0.32
  • Voice calls are calculated in 60-second increments.
  • SMS can be exchanged between any 3G mobile phone numbers in Japan as well as SoftBank numbers.
  • Newly created messages automatically appear as SMS; when text exceeds 160 characters, subject is entered, or file is attached, messages automatically change to S!Mail.
  • Data communication charges are metered and customers pay only for the data used. All communication charges are metered. There is no flat rate service available.
  • S!Mail(MMS)/International S! Mail(Global MMS)/Web services are available for Smartphone and SIM Card rental only.



Cancellation and No-show charge


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