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Mobile Wi-Fi router converts the cellular Internet signal into a pocket of Wi-Fi coverage for Wi-Fi-enabled gaming device, PC, portable music player, etc.

It's very convenient for the use in outdoor activities or on your business trip.

A completely fixed-rate communication service.


Conveniently connect to dual high-speed network!

Enjoy a stable and speedy connection through the device's automatic selection of optimal network settings.

High-volume battery allows for peace-of-mind when taking the device on outdoor excursions.


Rental Fee

Rental fee Special Price970Yen/Day (
*Regular Price 1,290Yen/Day (
Insurance (optional) Standard :220Yen/Day (
Administration fee 315Yen/contract (



Connect time With a high-capacity 3000mAH and approx. 10 hours at a maximum(battery runs down faster if connected to more than 2 devices at the same time.)
Data transmission speeds

4G) 165Mbps Max Download / 10Mbps Max Upload
4G LTE) 187.5Mbps Max Download / 37.5Mbps Max Upload

Damage or Loss

Insurance Uninsured Standard
Loss or unreturned mobile device ¥43,200 ¥43,200
Damaged mobile device ¥21,600
SIM card ¥5,400 ¥5,400
Battery ¥6,480 ¥0
Carry case ¥3,240 ¥0
Battery charger ¥2,160 ¥0

* Customer is responsible for damage to the device in part or in whole.
* If the device or accessory is determined to be unable to be rented out again, Customer will be charged for the damage.



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