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3G SIM card rental | Lineup | SoftBank Global Rental

  • Video phone

  • Intl. MMS
  • Intl. SMS
  • SMS
  • Free incoming call

  • Local call
  • Intl. call


Rent a 3G SIM card locally in Japan and pay lower.

All incoming calls are FREE!


Rental Fee

Rental fee 110Yen/Day (
Communication fee Refer to rate table
Administration fee 315Yen/contract (



How we bill data


Data is metered with the 3G SIM card and you will be billed 0.32Yen/packet(128 Byte) each time the phone connects to the Internet, i.e. web-based applications, GPS functions, checking and retrieving messages from mail server, and etc.


Damage or Loss

SIM card ¥3,240
SIM card holder ¥540


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How to stay connected in Japan

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