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SoftBank Global Rental ソフトバンクグローバルレンタル

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  • Free incoming call

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Pay only for the calls that you make. You never run out of minutes.

Japanese handset (English character display) with a local number and free incoming calls while in Japan.

Rental phone number allocation in advance is available upon request.


Rental Fee

Rental fee Web only price 260Yen/Day (incl.tax)
* Fax order 540Yen/Day (incl.tax)
Insurance (optional) Standard :220Yen/Day (incl.tax)
Premium: 440Yen/Day (incl.tax)
Communication fee Refer to rate table
Administration fee 315Yen/contract (incl.tax)




Damage or Loss

Insurance Uninsured Standard Premium
Handset ¥43,200 ¥21,600 ¥3,240
SIM card ¥5,400 ¥0
Battery ¥6,480 ¥0
Carry case ¥3,240 ¥0
Battery charger ¥2,160 ¥0

* Insurance shall not cover loss by water damage, i.e. rain or any liquid ingression.


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How to stay connected in Japan

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